One simple feature missing from many programs – Where is my file?

I only just realized this - I was working with KeePass to set up a synced copy of my password file to a SkyDrive folder. Of course I wanted to make a backup copy first, which I did with a "Save As Copy" command. Now the fun question - I have a file … [Continue reading]

What Makes a Good Technical Article

So we have a particular error in SharePoint and two articles online about how to resolve it. These two articles are exceptional examples of good and bad ways to write a technical article. What makes the “bad way” such a great example is that it’s bad … [Continue reading]

Gartner Predicts the end of the PC by 2014, and this time we mean it.

On Wired Cloudline, Mike Barton covered Gartner’s prediction that the “Personal Cloud” will replace the PC by 2014. I think we should call it the “Networked Personal Cloud” or “NetPC.” which has been predicted to replace the home computer since 1996. … [Continue reading]