RDCMan and nested groups

RDCMan is a remote desktop connection manager that can add sanity when you have to deal with a large number of servers. I recently finished a job working with 135 SharePoint servers in 18 farms – trying to handle that with .rdc connections would’ve drive me insane.

RDCMan Remote Desktop Manager

RDCMan Remote Desktop Manager


You can read more about RDCMan in general here, and download it here.

The reason I’m posting this – if you look in the blog article I linked, you’ll see nested groups in the left hand pane with the servers. But reading the comments, you’ll note a lot of folks commenting they can’t create groups within groups. I’ve had the same problem, and it’s a bit frustrating.

I finally figured out the issue – you can’t have a group that contains both servers and other groups. You can either have a group that has other groups in it, or a group with servers in it. So if you have created a bunch of server groups, put some servers in it, then try to create a group within the group, you won’t be able to.

So if you’re struggling with trying to figure out why that guy did it, but you can’t – odds are that’s the reason why. Hope this helps.

  • I.Am.Technophile

    You’re the only person I’ve seen that has explained this issue. Many  thanks for taking the time to post details on how to properly create nested sub-groups in Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

  • John Burton

    Thank you. Was wondering what I was doing wrong. I could see four or five other nested groups, so I knew it was possible.

  • Scott

    Note: If you want to re-organize your servers. Create nested groups in your existing file and then drag your existing servers into the new groups. No need to recreate your server entries.

  • J Warren

    Thought I was going crazy! Thanks!

    • D Rieder

      Sorry for chiming in with an unrelated topic, but if you would like to pursue our discussion, pm me at danrieder312@gmail.com. That discussion thread was getting old and our posts were tending to get a bit long. Thanks, Dan

    • D Rieder

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  • Aaron

    For anyone else that may stumble across this: you can modify the RDG file in a text editor and move things around, It’s plain and simple XML and I’ve achieved groups that contain both servers and other groups in this way.

  • A Reg Robinson